Thursday, October 21, 2010


Last year my DD wanted to cut her hair and her hair was very long, right down to her bottom. I have scrapped some photo's of her asking me very sweetly if she can and used the sketched from Dusty Attic's October challenge.

So we let her cut her hair but the hairdresser did an awful job and we had to take her to another hairdresser to get it fixed up, the poor thing. But she has let it grow again and its almost as long as it was!!

Last week I said I would share some pics with you from my little photography class I have been doing. Now its not the best scenery but we had a play with our cameras with different settings etc. so it still was great fun!

Now this one, we were playing with the shutter speed and doesn't it look like an extremely busy road? Well there were probably less than 5 cars on the road at the time. Now I know about this, I can't wait to take some pics of fireworks or even lightning, cool hey?

Thank you for stopping by and your comments!!!


  1. Beautiful girly LO Colleen.. love the hand cutting... your daughter has the most gorgeous hair!! Fab pics from you photography class! Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog :)

  2. Your layout is absolutely beautiful Colleen. And those photos are so cool...think I'm going to have to enrol in a course too!! B-)

  3. Your layout is amazing!!!! And that hair looks lovely!! What a cutie. And LOVE your pictures