Thursday, November 4, 2010

A little bit of sunshine!!!!

It hasn't been the greatest of weeks around here so I thought I needed some 'sunshine'! Over at White With One challenge blog, their 1st challenge was white, yellow and handwritten journaling on your LO - no strips, no journal blocks *** gasp ***, wasn't sure about that one but I loved the yellow so here is my bit of sunshine!

My DD is only 9 and she has been coming home from school in tears, just with kids being kids. So its a little note to her to say she mustn't worry what others do and say, she must be herself and she is perfect as she is! It makes me so sad to see her upset and its even sadder when I think what its going to be like as she heads towards teenage years, kids do have it hard at times :(

Hope you are all having a fantastic week and thanks for popping by!!!


  1. So glad you joined us at WW1 Colleen :) Gorgeous LO... love all the lacy details!! So sorry to hear your gorgeous girl is going through a hard time... I hope tomorrow is a better day :)

  2. I love your white and yellow layout Colleen. Just beautiful and I do hope your beautiful girl feels better soon. It tears at your heartstrings to see them upset. B-)

  3. It is sad to think what some kids do to others and it isnt until they are older that most understand what they have done..
    I hope things get better for her soon...
    Thanks so much for playing along at WW1 this month, it is a gorgeous LO!

  4. What a beautiful LO! I bet your DD loved it. I hope she has a better time of it at school from now on.

  5. Love this beautiful layout, the lace and doily treatments are spectacular!

    Hug your sweet girly for me, my daughter had a terrible time in school with the other kids. Now she is a strong, happy, beautiful 27 year old woman, wife, and momma. She got through it with lots of love from her family, faith in God, and starting each day fresh.

    Congrats on the Get Picky shout out - awesome work!

  6. great to see you over at WW1! i remember those times at sad,and so hard! love the LO! well done!

  7. This is STUNNING!!! Love it so much!! HUGS to your years can be the absolute pits! Hope she gets on okay from now on! Thanks for joining in at WW1!

  8. Beautiful LO. I hope things improve for your daughter soon.
    Thanks for playing along at WW1 :)

  9. that is so beautiful Colleen :) and I've thoroughly enjoyed browzing your blog and creations...thanks so much for visiting my blog too - hugz Mazz:)