Sunday, November 28, 2010

A moment of silence.....

I was busy with a LO for one of Bo Bunny's challenges, 'things you love'. It has been on my desk for a while because of life just being busy and during this time I have been following the tragedy of 29 NZ miners being trapped. It really touched my heart and my thoughts and prayers are with those that have lost a loved one and have been affected by this terrible loss.
So I have journalled about the things I love, even coffee got a mention but I am also grateful for all these little and big things that are dear to me!

I machine stitched lace all the way around, about a third of the way I did think to myself, what am I thinking? But I am happy with the end result, with some inking, distressing and lots of layering with some hand made flowers too. Here is a close up...

And I thought I would share a pic of my DD in one of her costumes for her concert, this is what has been keeping me extremely busy but the concert is now finished and I should now have heaps more time:)

Thanks for popping by, hope you all had a fabulous weekend and I will be back later to visit everyone's blogs!


  1. Beautiful LO Colleen!! The lace border and hand made flowers look gorgeous!! Your daughter looks fabulous in her outfit... very funky!!

  2. WOW!!! love your layout. It was a tragedy about the miners! And how cute is your DD!! Love the outfit

  3. GORGEOUS layout!!! Love the stitching! ANd the flowers are just awesome.

    Dont I know all about dance concerts!! I cant wait till its all over! First year for all of us!! Take care, Nadia.

  4. gorgeous layout and I love the photo

  5. Beautiful layout! Love all the details, the stitching and rolled flowers. The NZ mining tragedy was just so sad. I followed the story closely too.